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Full, thick, customized lashes for you!
Owned and Operated by Lashes on Broadway & Broadway Beauty Academy
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About Broadway "Lash" Vegas & Lashes on Broadway
Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Of course there's plenty of choices/competitors out there, so lets cut to the chase as to why you should come our way. :)

First, the Owner personally gets her lashes done so she knows what quality is, and feeling comfortable while being pampered. We have multiple locations for your convenience because no one wants to drive hours to get their lashes done, so get them done right with us! At all our locations, you pay for the lashes and the product, not the application time. We have been to several lash techs and/or salons, what we found it is very hard to find a good one, you want a place that has the overall package. At Lashes on Broadway, that is what we provide! Lashes have been our passion for over 5 years. You have to enjoy the experience, be confident that when you open your eyes you are stunning, and rejuvenated. That's one of the many excellences we offer! Be careful who you trust with your eyes, the glue levels we use is safe and effective. Your natural eyelash hairs are important to preserve.

We charge much less for the lashes, but never are you shorted nor do you receive less quality! We care about your budget. :)

Never feel rushed, these are your eyes and we take pride in making them look beautiful, with patience and care. Sanitation and a friendly, clean environment is very important. Our lashes are premium quality, we offer a variety such as, colored lashes, faux mink, different sizes and weights. With the purchase of lashes, we blend the lash of your choice, and customize your application, so you have a full, natural look, dramatic if needed. Also, we have plenty of choices for all your beauty needs, such as brow extensions, custom airbrush tanning, training and more!

Only the best is provided, and any feedback is welcomed. Please book with us today and be excited to have gorgeous lashes!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and we hope to gain your business, longevity is what we strive for!​

Only the best is provided, and any feedback is welcomed. Please book with us today and be excited to have gorgeous lashes!

Meet the Owner- Amanda aka The "Lash" Doctor

Positive lash health is very important, don't settle for less!

As stated above, she personally has been getting her lashes done for over 5 years, so she knows what true quality is, you have no idea what a lash technician is doing while your eyes are closed. Amanda has been to several lash techs and/or salons, and found that it's very hard to find a good one, she has seen some horrific scenarios regarding lashes, such as clumping, clusters, and extreme discomfort. 

You need a specialist that will give you the reality of the situation, fix it to the best of their ability, and apply lashes the correct way, which is what the "Lash" Dr. provides! 

Lashes are her passion and she wants to share that with everyone, she puts her heart and soul into her work and every location. She takes pride in caring about the client and how they look. Nothing but the best for everyone that walks in the door. You have to be careful with your eyes, they are one of the most important features of your beauty. Some people have different reactions and it's unknown how they care for their eyes when they leave us, so all we can do is put 110% in what we do, and in return the satisfaction will come!
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