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All the questions you are thinking......FAQ's
What is the "Broadway" Technique?

The "Broadway" Technique is a newly invented method to make your eyelash extensions fuller, and thicker. This method is not as natural looking as the traditional set of lashes. Our application process is state-of-the-art. We apply one lash at a time onto the natural hair. By using the "Broadway" Technique, it will transform your natural lashes into the look you've always wanted. The procedure is very comfortable and relaxing. Our lash extensions are weightless and your eyelids will not feel heavy. Remember lash extensions are waterproof, just not oil proof, you can shower, exercise and resume normal activity while wearing them. The "Broadway" Technique is a breakthrough in the lash world with incredible staying power that will last 4-8 weeks.

What is the difference between lash extensions and traditional false lashes?

The major differences are the adhesive formula, lash type, application technique, lash appearance and lasting duration. Traditional false lashes are usually made with a strip or with multiple lashes knotted together (clusters) and are applied directly on the eyelid using adhesive formulas that dry hard on the eyelid and lashes. They often cause discomfort to the eyes and may cause your natural lashes to fall out prematurely. Traditional false lashes usually last only a few days to a week, and look unnatural, they also feel very heavy.

Each lash extension is applied directly to the individual lash, one lash at the time. The lashes we use are synthetic mink (faux), weightless, very comfortable on the eyes, and will not prematurely cause the natural lashes to fall out. 

How long do lash extensions last?

Traditional lash extensions can last up to 4-5 weeks depending on how you care for them. Our "Broadway" Technique will last 6-10 weeks but can not be applied to everyone. We will customize your look based off your expectations and natural lash capacity.

What are lash extensions made of?

Our lashes are made of a synthetic material, which is very soft, naturally curved, crimp-resistant and flexible. Typically synthetic mink is used, however many competitors just call it "mink," most likely they are synthetic.

Do lash extensions come in different colors and sizes?

Currently the lashes we use are available in black, purple, red, blue, orange, green and different glitters. Lengths range from 7mm-15mm.

Do lash extensions harm your natural lashes?

No, not at all as long as they are being done properly, the CORRECT WAY, which is what we succeed at. Our lash professionals are taught to have your natural hair health in mind all the time. Desired look versus a realistic look is explained thoroughly in order to avoid any false expectations. We would rather start safe then have you upset with what is applied.

Can I wear mascara with my lash extensions?

Throw that mascara away! Lash extensions naturally darken your lashes, your lashes will look vivid and mascara is not necessary. If desired, you may wear a water-based mascara on the tip of the lash extensions for enhancement. Never use waterproof mascara or any oil based product on your eyes because the oil will break down the glue immediately. Rubbing directly on the lashes, and/or using an oily make-up remover will weaken the bond of the glue. We recommend only using products made for lash extensions. In addition, we sell growth products if you have a limited natural lash capacity. Latisse is NOT recommended.

Can lash extensions be removed?

Yes, they are only semi-permanent and can be removed at any time. Do NOT pull them out and try to take them off yourself, this can harm your natural lashes. We recommend going to a lash professional to have them removed. The removal process doesn't hurt, and a gel remover is used to save your natural hairs. YOU WILL STILL HAVE LASHES after the extensions are removed as long as you go to a place that applies them correctly.

How much does it cost to have lash extensions applied?

A full set of semi-permanent eyelash extensions is usually required at your initial visit. We charge $89-250 per full set, and depending on the look you want it takes approximately 90-210 minutes. Approximately 50 lashes are applied per eye for a traditional full set, but with our "Broadway" Technique 100-300 lashes are applied per eye. The cost is dependent upon personal preference, and the amount of lashes applied.

Touch-ups: The natural life of the lashes is about 90 days. Your own eyelashes will grow out on a continuous cycle. We lose 1-5 natural lashes a day whether you have extensions on or not. Your lashes will maintain fullness by coming in for regular touch ups, which we recommend every 2-3 weeks. The cost may range from $35-100 and should take 30-90 minutes as long as you do not wait over 3 weeks.

The cost of lashes may vary depending on a few factors:

1. Service location and demand

2. Skill level of the Lash Professional

3. The number of lashes applied and your customized look

4. Special offers and/or promotions

5. Condition of your lashes and/or if you come from a competitor, we prefer not to work on others work, but we will always make sure your lashes are healthy, we call them lash miracles.