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To book an appointment: Vegas (702) 834-9383 or California (949) 229-2797
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Full, thick, customized lashes for you!
Owned and Operated by Lashes on Broadway & Broadway Beauty Academy
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"Rags to Riches"
Full set, limited lash capacity, but she can still have beautiful lashes, B Curl.
"Fancy" and "Vivid"
"Plush" and "Lush"
We customize your look according to your expectations and natural lash capacity. Healthy lashes are our #1 concern. These are not cluster lashes and are individual lash extensions. Make sure to go to a place that SPECIALIZES in lashes and doesn't just do this as a hobby. 

We typically book 800-900 appointments a month between all our locations, that's a lot of lashing which provides us the skills and experience necessary to be the best at what we do!

For more information, please call (702) 834-9373 or (949) 229-2797 or email us anytime.
Full set, mascara-free, C Curl, medium length, and moderately thick.
Full set, dramatic, D Curl, long, super full and poppy.
"Broadway" Level 1
Example 1- "Broadway" Technique can only be used on certain lash capacities. Fullness beyond the traditional full set, takes approximately 2 hours.
"Broadway" Level 2
"Broadway" Level 3
Example 2- "Broadway" Technique can only be used on certain lash capacities. Extra fullness, takes approximately 2.5 hours.
Example 3- "Broadway" Technique can only be used on certain lash capacities. Glam and lush, the ultimate luxury look, takes approximately 3-3.5 hours.
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